Harmony: Just One Person

One man had an idea. He turned it into a major icon in the development of public television and children around the world. But he didn’t do it alone. Almost from the first day a quiet man worked with him, challenged him to be bolder and even more creative. A man who created icons of his own but always in the shadow of his friend. They had a way of drawing people to them and their work that made it richer and more real and bigger than any of them imagined in the beginning. It didn’t take long for other crazy creatives to join the fun. When the Muppets are mentioned, Jim Henson is the man in front but he was never in it alone. For almost 40 years he built a brand but more important, he built a community. A community of believers…in something bigger than just themselves.

And then suddenly the one man was gone.

Struggling through the loss, his friends expressed the impact he had on their lives it in a way that was an extension of their relationships.

I can think of no better way to explain my vision for the Harmony section than this.

“Haaaay, Kermiiiiiit!!!! Woka¬†woka!”



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