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In The Beginning…

Probably the most read words in the Old Testament of the Bible.

With the beginning of a new year many add reading through the Bible in a year to their to-do list, pick it up on January 1st and blow through those three words in a rush to get to the end of the section designated for the day so they can have the sense of achievement that comes with checking it off. The first one is done, only 364 more to follow.

This post is my Gen 1:1, my “In The Beginning”, if you will.

I bought the domain and set up this site months ago. I have outlined and scratched out and written and rewritten off and on since acting on that impulse. Much of it was trying to determine what I wanted the site to be and how I wanted to offer it. Believing I had a plan, I realized I am already beyond my beginning. My beginning was months ago when I looked to see if the name was available. Putting a name to a dream is often a tangible mile marker but never the true beginning. The beginning is a vague something in the corner of your heart or mind that takes hold and refuses to let go. It gathers what strength and nourishment it can find until it makes itself more evident and more present. Giving it a name is like giving it a heartbeat, it comes alive.

Part of my research was in the word renaissance. I wasn’t sure why that word had attached itself to my journey but the French and Italians recognize it as re-birth. It has been widely used, misused, defined and debated. But for my heart and journey, re-birth seems to suite just fine.

I have always been curious. Seeking knowledge, training and understanding are not second but first nature to me. They flow from my heart and mind freely and are a reflection of my heart’s desires. Many of my pursuits are abstract and intangible. Some are skills I understand or execute on a rudimentary level, others I have a little more proficiency. ┬áLike the cultural renaissances of old, my studies cross many disciplines and each could consume a lifetime of dedicated effort. Some, I confess, are considered obsolete art forms or styles that have not accumulated the layers of dust needed to make them classic or nostalgic. Some may never see revival and some may never go out of favor.

As the site fills out, I hope you find inspiration, instruction, encouragement and fellowship for your journey.

It’s never too late to begin a personal renaissance.